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1 minute can be enough time to read and pray with your child

If you are a parent that is starting to memorize bible verses with your child, you might think that you need to set time aside and that's hard...

Even though it is idea, I know from my own experience that setting time aside in our busy life can be a challenge. But everyone has 1 minute in the day, and here is what you can do:

  • are you waking up your child in the morning? Pray and recite the verse over them! It will only take 1 minute

  • are you at the breakfast table? take 1 minute to read the verse to your family and pray over them. If you have time, talk about what the verse means.

  • are you in the car driving your child to school? Recite the verse and ask them to recite it as well, talk about what it means and pray together.

Life is bust but take any minute you can spare to draw close to the Word of God and teach your children to do the same.

For more ideas, subscribe to my podcast Parenting is Heart Work.

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