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Parenting is Heart Work

At the end of February 2020 I was very excited to begin a new journey: I opened up my own business, I was producing a podcast..... I was very excited about it all.

Within a few weeks, Covid19 brought everything to a standstill and instead of working, I was looking full time after my two young children.

I spent some time thinking about it and I realized that working and looking after a 3 year old and a 1 year old was not something I wanted to do. So I dropped everything and focused fully on my children. A very good decision because there is nothing more important for me than my family and children. So here I am, from an excited busy entrepreneur to an exited full time stay at home mother. And I learn a lot every single day!

First and foremost I learn that parenting is a full time job and it is the biggest responsibility in my life. Grandparents, teachers and nannies they all do amazing jobs, but no one can parent my children the same way I do. No one can build the same bond and no one knows the challenges and dreams of my children, the same way as I do.

But parenting is hard work and parents need the right help, information and coaching. Where can they get it from?

I choose to become a parenting coach and focus fully on helping parents change and transform the hearts of their children. In unpredictable times such as this, when stress and anxiety for both parents and children are at all times high, it is so important for families to find the right support and help. Would you like to hear more? You can follow me on Social Media and I will share with you information and tools that you can put into practice with your children straight away!

Here is one of the first tips for you! Think about the library inside your child's heart!

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