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About me

I am Elena Zwetsloot and I live in the Netherlands together with my husband and children. I have two children: Joshua is 3 y.o and Lilia 1 y.o. They are both wonderful children and parenting them challenges and teaches me every single day.

As a mother, when I realized that my words and actions impact and influence the type of persons my children are becoming, I knew that parenting will be one of the biggest responsibilities in my life.

Yet, parents don't get taught the skills, strategies, and tools to prepare us for the journey. We borrow, improvise, or recycle solutions that rarely work because they are not developed for our children.

I would love to change that! 

I will coach you and help you develop skills and a plan with strategies and tools that will transform your heart and the heart of your child.

Parenting is heart work, let me walk alongside and help you!

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